Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Title column value in ItemUpdating event for Document Library

I had to add some logic in ItemUpdating event receiver when anything was changed except one particular column. This had to work for both lists and libraries.
There some good posts about differences in properties for lists and libraries, e.g. this one from Randy Williams.

My code was

string[] ignoreFields = new string[] { "myField" };
foreach (SPField field in properties.ListItem.Fields)
if (!ignoreFields.Contains(field.InternalName) &&
properties.AfterProperties[field.InternalName] != null &&
(properties.ListItem[field.Id] == null ||
properties.ListItem[field.Id].ToString() != properties.AfterProperties[field.InternalName].ToString()))
// do something

This worked well for lists but I struggled with Title column in libraries.
I found properties.AfterProperties["Title"] is always null for libraries even when Title was changed.

After intensive googling I found that for libraries properties.ListItem.Title is mapped to properties.AfterProperties["vti_title"].

So, I had to add this

if (properties.List is SPDocumentLibrary && properties.ListItem.Title != properties.AfterProperties["vti_title"])
// do something

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